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  Time:6-7 July 2011
Registration time:14:00-22:00 of July 5
  Zhejiang New Century Grand Hotel Investment Management Group Ltd. New Century Grand Hotel Hang Zhou★★★★★

New Century Hotels and Resorts is one of the top 5 hotel groups and the largest private high-grade hotel chains in China. Our Group was selected to be the 83rd among top 100 hotel groups in the world in 2008 according to “HOTELS”. As the "China Famous Brand", New Century Hotels and Resorts owns three kinds of products, namely "New Century Grand Hotel" (Five-star Luxury Hotel), "New Century Resort" (Five-star Luxury Resort Hotel) and "New Century Hotel" (Four-star Hotel).

  • Enhance the international? cooperation and advance the Safety and Quality of the Chinese juice beverage
  • SGF-International to support safety, quality, fair competition and the image of Chinese fruit based products
  • The global fruit juice markets – history, status and outlook
  • The market of concentrated orange juice and the technology of orange planting and processing concerning quality and safety
  • General standard for the labeling of prepackaged foods
  • AIJN Code of Practice and other industry standards for e.g. IRMA labelling, sustainability etc…
  • Industrial self control as a suitable and proven industry tool to assure legal and industry standard compliances
  • Chinese National Standards: “Concentrated apple juice” and “Apple vinegar beverage”
  • Chinese admittance terms for concentrated fruit juice and vegetable juice
  • Additives and the safety of fruit juice & beverage
  • Clean Production of Fruit Juice Industry and Comprehensive Utilization of Fruit Residues
  • Processing Technology of concentrated jujube(Chinese date) juice
  • Pesticide Testing Results Fruits and Juices
  • The application of Polyphenol from tropical plant into Fruit and Vegetable Juice
  • Functional ingredient for Fruit Juice
  • Safe processing aids and additives
  • SGF/IRMA control points

Zhao Yali—
Director-general of CBIA

Peter M.Funk—
SGF International e.V.; General Manager

Wilhelm Rieth—
SGF International e.V.

Martin Greeve—

Dr. Fan Yongxiang—
China CDC

Prof. Wu Houjiu—
Citrus Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Mr Yue Aishan
Technical Centre, Shanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureay, China

Mr. Xie Weiyu—
auditor, CTCF Jinan

Dr.Zhang Dongbai —
Beijing University

Mr.Zhu Fengtao—

Coca Cola



Novoenzym China

Sino Analytica Ltd




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