Participate Procedure

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If you want to join in CBST2017, please see the following process:

For further information about China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology, please click “Exhibition Introduction”. Information provided will bring you a more comprehensive understanding of the Exhibition, including the Organizing Committee, time and venue, and expected scale.

Please contact the Organizing Committee if you have intention of attending the Exhibition. A copy of Exhibiting Details (International Exhibition Area) will be delivered to you.
Contacts/Mr. Li Tao/Mr. Li Chunyu/Mr. He Yuzhu/Ms. Bao Yaning

For your successful application for the Exhibition (Domestic Exhibition Area), please complete the application procedure according to the Exhibiting Details.
1. Fill the Application Form of Participation
Option 1: Fill the Application Form of Participation online and upload softcopy of business license of the company to Option 2: Fill the Application Form of Participation (attachment) and send both the Form and softcopy of business license of the company to or fax to CBST Organizing Committee (Fax: 010-84464236).The application deadline is August 1, 2017.
2. Pick Exhibition Booth
After receiving Application Form of Participation from exhibitor, staff of the Organizing Committee shall contact the exhibitor, and confirm booth picking period of exhibitor according to exhibition booth size applied and submission time of Application Form of Participation. The larger the exhibition booth size is and the earlier the submission time of Application Form of Participation is, the earlier booth picking period of exhibitor will be. Within the same period of booth picking, exhibitor who submits the Form earlier will first select booth.
3. Sign Exhibitor Agreement
After confirming exhibition booth with exhibitor, the Organizing Committee shall sign Exhibitor Agreement with exhibitor.
Notes: exhibitor shall submit Journal Information online ( within two months upon signing Exhibitor Agreement.
4. Pay Exhibition Booth Fee
After signing Exhibitor Agreement, exhibitor shall pay exhibition booth fee according to related terms in the Agreement.

Notes: The ultimate explanation rights of the registration procedures are reserved by CBST2017 Organizing Committee.
Other related information about participating CBST2017 will be agreed and elaborated in detail in Exhibitor Agreement, Collateral Terms of Exhibitor Agreement and Exhibitor Manual.


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