"Double increase" high quality audience cast CBST2015 success


“The key to a successful exhibition is the quality of professional audiences,” said Mr. Montgomery, the President of Montgomery Exhibitions Ltd. There is a positive correlation between brand value and visitor quality. To maintain good relationship with exhibitors, it is essential to ensure visitor quality.
That’s true. The key to a successful exhibition is whether it is able to set up an effective and efficient platform of communication and trading for exhibitors and professional visitors. The prime objectives for exhibitors joining exhibition are to expand market and increase sales by discovering more potential clients. Thus, a large number of visitors is not enough for a successful exhibition. The most important factor is having a great quantity of professional ones. Then, how to evaluate visitor quality? In general, it is estimated by a comprehensive indicator, which includes location, department and position, company character, number of visit, etc. In this way, visitor quality is able to reflect influence and professional level of the exhibition.
The 7th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST) concluded on Nov.6, 2015 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Exhibitors from 31 countries and districts and 23 thousand specialized visitors gathered in the Exhibition. Comparing with last Exhibition, the number of visitor increased 21%. Managers from beverage production corporations including Coca-Cola, Master Kong, C’estbon, Nongfu Spring, JDB, Nestle, Lulu, Coconut Palm, AQUARIUS and Red Bull, came visiting the Exhibition. 
Growth rate of 21% in visitor number and that of 8% in non-local Mainland China visitor number indicated that CBST has received more and more attention from the industry, and that the influence of CBST is gradually extending; In terms of department and position of audience, there is a 25% growth in the number of specialized visitors with decision-making from management and purchasing, technology engineering and supply chain. These data has proved that CBST2015 had established an effective communication platform for beverage whole industrial chain and professional level had reached a new height.
According to visitor survey analysis, visitors from beverage and related production industry accounted for 51%; visitors who have joined the Exhibition for more than twice took up more than 50%. An increase of 17% has been noticed in the number of audiences interested in packaging and processing equipment. Moreover, visitors were in great demand of raw material products, showing that CBST can truly be regarded as a one-stop purchasing platform of beverage whole industrial chain.
Advantage of CBST always lies in “the largest number and the most skilled decision-making of professional visitors”. With the high reputation, CBST will endeavor to become the first choice of trading platform for whole industrial chain in domestic beverage industry!

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