How to choose an excellent and professional exhibition


Exhibition is a communication and business promotion platform among industry manufacturers, distributors, and traders. Not only does a successful exhibition help exhibitors contact the most target customers at the lowest cost, but also, through physical observation, quickly lead supplier and demander to reach a commercial contract. However, many exhibitors who often have great hope to attend exhibitions cannot achieve the desired effect for various reasons and be disappointed. Facing with the mixed bag of exhibition market, it becomes very important for an exhibitor to choose a suitable exhibition. In this regard, here are the following suggestions for reference:
(1) The exhibition capability of an organizer
An excellent exhibition is inseparable from the organizer who possesses a strong appeal. An excellent organizer can not only arrange huge audiences, but also provide a lot of business opportunities for exhibitors; will also help the exhibitors inspect their competitors during the exhibition and see the current situation and trends of domestic and international industrial development and the latest products. In addition, the exhibition experience of the organizer is an important indicator to measure its exhibition capability. An organizer with rich exhibition experience will be able to effectively predict the potential problems that exhibitors may encounter during the exhibition and provide them more convenient services on the key nodes like construction and transportation.
(2) The reputation of an exhibition
From industry associations, peers, previous media reports, and exhibition reports, it is obtainable of relative information. Therefore, according to previous reports, to know the exhibitors’ return rate and the audience number will make a more accurate understanding of the exhibition effect.
(3) The nature of an exhibition
To select the exhibition nature based on the exhibited target customer, is it an industrial exhibition or common exhibition? Is it opening for public or professional audience?
To know the participation situation of the industry competitors and large well-known companies, it is always a good choice to select the exhibition where the industry well-known enterprises attend.
(5) The concurrent activities of an exhibition
Except for the traditional functions like display and trading, an excellent exhibition should have the ability to establish multiple communication and promotion platform and conduct high-quality concurrent activities. By participating the concurrent activities, exhibitors will clearly understand the dynamics within the industry, get acquainted with fellows or customers, and probably establish a relationship between industry association and government.
In November 6, 2015, the 7th Chinese International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST) held by Chinese Beverage Industry Association was successfully concluded in Shanghai New International Expo Centre and achieved a great success. Chinese Beverage Industry Association, the organizer of CBST, is a national association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the most appealing beverage industry organization with a membership of more than 400 enterprises whose total output is more than 80% of national output.
According to the organizer’s statistics, this exhibition gathered nearly 300 excellent suppliers of beverage industrial chain from more than 30 countries and regions like China, Germany, Italy, the United States, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, and Japan. The old exhibitors accounted for 70% and CBST acquired their continued recognition and support. TETRA PAK, KRONES, SIDEL, KHS, GEA, ABC, SACMI, HEUFT, Jiangsu Newamstar, Shanghai Peiyu, Nanjing Light Industry, Guangzhou Tech-Long, Hefei Zhongchen, Best Crown, Hangzhou Youngsun, Hangzhou Zhongya, Qinhuangdao Zhongde, Beijing YCTD, Guangzhou Vanta, Shanghai PLS, Shanghai Kerui and many other well-known equipment companies have taken CBST as an important stage to display the latest technological achievements. The exhibition also attracted nearly 23 thousand professional audiences from 31 countries and regions to attend which increased by 21% compared with last one. There are also nearly 400 senior leaders from Chinese top 20 beverage companies like Wahaha, Master Kong, Coca-Cola and other outstanding beverage companies visiting the exhibition.
At the same time, this exhibition was also held China Beverage Industry Association Annual Conference, China International Beverage Science and Technology Seminar, Chinese Special Purpose Drinks Development Seminar, China Beverage Industry Association’s Beverage Technology Work Commission Annual Conference, Chinese Beverage Top 20 Award, New Beverage Tasting, and Beverage Brand Culture and Innovation Exhibition. A series of industrial activities made communications among exhibitors and target customers more widely, fully, directly to achieve information and benefit maximization.
With the most industrial appealing organizer, the participation of well-known exhibitors, and the various and effective concurrent activities, CBST has been one of the most influential professional exhibition in beverage industry and the guider of science and technology development in Chinese or even Asian beverage industry. In future, the 8th Chinese International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST2017) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre in November 2017. We believe that the organizer will present an excellent and professional CBST2017 to exhibitors and visitors.

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