Preparation for CBST2017 is Going Well


As the exhibition with the largest scale and highest level of internationalization, professionalization and authority in China beverage industry, China Beverage International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST 2017) will be held on November 22-24, 2017 in N1-N4 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center.
Since official launch of CBST2017, the Exhibition has received great concern and positive responses from experts, enterprises, and equipment suppliers from the industry. All these have set solid foundation for the coming exhibitor registration. 
Elaborate Planning and Overall Upgrade 
After successfully holding CBST2015, the Organizing Committee has collected feedbacks from various stakeholders, drawn experiences from related issues and conducted overall planning and workload allocation. The organizer will make full use of its advantages in information and human resources, to fulfil extensive and profound communication needs among beverage whole industry chain, promote beverage industry development in depth and breadth and provide more realistic and satisfying service to beverage companies and suppliers. 
Close Communication and Collaboration
After the official launch of CBST2017, the Organizing Committee has contacted enterprises participating in industrial meetings and previous Exhibitions one by one to understand their latest development trends. They also have great expectations on CBST2017. Through communication, the Organizing Committee is aware that growth rate of China beverage market has slowed down and beverage suppliers are facing certain difficulties. Within communication, enterprises express passionate enthusiasm toward exhibitor registration, showing favorable development prospect of CBST2017.
Renowned Media for Supporting 
With the increase of popularity of CBST, more and more international and domestic famous media are attracted. More than 50 media in global beverage industry and packaging industry have communicated with the Organizing Committee and are going to follow and report CBST2017. Besides intensifying promotion on self-owned magazines China Beverage and Beverage Industry, the Organizing Committee will also conduct close cooperation with dozens of famous journals and websites at home and abroad. It is reasonable to believe that CBST2017 will become world-renowned exhibition in beverage industry.
Launch in Website and WeChat Subscription
In order to improve usage experience of exhibitors and visitors, CBST Organizing Committee draws on the wisdom of the masses to satisfy exhibitor and visitor requirements for beverage industry information and CBST service by launching new edition of official website and WeChat subscription (ID: yinliaochanyelian). In the age of mobilization, terse style and flattening layout in web page design in CBST website and WeChat Subscription help to satisfy exhibitors’ and customers’ requirements for learning and exchanging CBST2017 related information.
CBST2017 is going to be a new start and China Beverage International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology will embrace a new leap. We believe that with the common efforts of people in beverage industry, CBST2017 have be more special, high-level and efficient, making more significant contribution to the development and innovation of whole industry chain of China beverage industry.

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