Learn More about Beverage Industry from Different Channel: Upgrade of CBST Official WeChat Subscription


Dear visitors, when you are searching official WeChat Subscription “the Window of Beverage Industry Chain” (ID: yinliaochanyelian), do you realize that its interface has dramatically changed? Yes, you are right! Since June 2016, the official WeChat Subscription “the Window of Beverage Industry Chain” is upgraded!

With the new version, “the Window of Beverage Industry Chain” is expected to bring a new experience for all the followers in terms of format and content. Custom menu has changed from one-direction information delivering to three modules including “Industry Chain”, “CBST”, and “Contact Us”, so that all the followers are able get the latest development information of beverage industry chain more rapid, and comprehensive via more channels!    

In the newly module “Industry Chain”, the latest information of “Industry Trends”, “Industry Information”, and “Activities” will be provided to you as first-hand news for deeper understanding of the beverage field; through “CBST” module, history and latest dynamics about CBST is going to be delivered in an all-dimensional approach; in “Contact Us” module, our staffs are available to provide service in 24/7. Please feel free to contact us if you want to contribute, leave a message or ask for help!

Since the upgrade of “the Window of Beverage Industry Chain”, the number of followers gradually grows larger and larger with increasing page views in our information. It is attracting more and more people in the industry. Followers’ number grows 300 within the last month, and average page views in each piece of information exceeds 400. All these numbers indicate that “the Window of Beverage Industry Chain” is getting popular in the industry.

In the era of rapid development in media, “the Window of Beverage Industry Chain” keeps pace with time and contributes to development of China beverage industry with continuous innovation and breakthroughs. Upgrading the official WeChat Subscription is only part of CBST development, while CBST is pursuing perfection with all effort. Are you getting curious and motivated? Please follow the upgraded version of CBST official WeChat Subscription!


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