Industry Development Growing Steadily with Progress CBST Provides Benefit for Exhibitors’ Development


On October 19, the National Bureau of Statistics Issued economic indicator of the first three quarters in China. In the third quarter, Gross Domestic Production (GDP) reached 52.9971 trillion RMB with a year-on-year increase of 6.7%.  The value added of the primary industry was up by 6.1%. China economy remains the upward trend as the first half of the year with the policies of stabilizing growth, which creates a good environment for the development of China's economic development.

According to statistical data of China Beverage Industry, total production of national beverage industry in August was 17.9335 million tons, up by 4.79% year-on-year. It is acknowledged that many beverage industries are actively planning market distribution and developing new product. This situation indicates that beverage corporations have made certain achievements in cutting excessive industrial capacity, structural readjustment and industrial transformation, and reduced ineffective supply, showing that these corporations are having high expectations on reform.

As the exhibition with the largest scale and highest level of internationalization, professionalization and authority in China beverage industry, CBST has always paid highly attention on technical breakthrough and innovation of beverage equipment and promoted sustainable development of China beverage industry. CBST, as the wind wave of the industry development, will display the latest technology, achievement and solution of the industry during CBST2017. This will definitely provide sufficient motivation and support to the industry development.

Currently, the industry development is tending to be steady. Industry demand will gradually enlarge accordingly. Equipment and technology upgrade will continuously advance. Advantages of CBST will be further amplified. Exhibitors will gain more benefit from CBST.

Firstly, exhibition brings big platform. Expected exhibition area of CBST2017 reaches 45,000 square meters. CBST, with the experiences of 7 exhibitions in the past 14 years and the information and resources advantage of China Beverage Industry Association, the organizer, has become “the grand party for specialized sellers and buyers in beverage industry”, and will provide more cooperation opportunities and development space for China beverage whole industrial chain.

Secondly, enterprises embrace new opportunities. Exhibitors are able to understand the latest information of industry development, improve enterprise professional quality, and win more development opportunities through CBST. By face-to-face communication with both new and old customers, exhibitors can promote their brands and key products according to accurate demand learning to reach effective cooperation.

Thirdly, the Association is a bond. 3-day professional exhibition and 24-mounth membership service. In the past years, China Beverage Industry Association, organizer of CBST, has made full use of its advantages in information and resources in the industry, kept pace with the development of the era, focused on upstream, midstream and downstream of the industrial chain and promoted communication between beverage companies and suppliers. It operates as a bridge to promote win-win of both sides.

It is reasonable to believe that CBST2017 will bring more powerful motivation to the development of China beverage industry, and every exhibitor will gain benefit by the Exhibition.



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