How will CBST2017 Exhibitors Bring the Best Exhibition


AS the leading brand professional exhibition in beverage industry in Asia, China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST) is having more and more influence on the industry, attracting attention and preference from more and more enterprises in beverage whole industry chain. During Nov.22-24,2017, the 8th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST2017) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Meanwhile, the Annual Conference of China Beverage Industry Association will be held. Numbers of industry giants gather in Shanghai. CBST2017 will, once again, become the industry’s most eye-catching event.

In order to participate in such a large-scale industry event, exhibitors are busy with elaborate preparation. How to attract more visitors to the booth? How to attract more buyers to learn about products and have intention to sign contracts? How to efficiently improve company’s reputation and brand influence? We believe that these questions are of the most concern of exhibitors. Thus, some effective exhibition promotion experience will be shared in the following.

1.    Promotion before the Exhibition cannot be overlooked

According to statistics, visitor rate of exhibitors who send invitation before the Exhibition is 5 times that of exhibitors who do not deliver invitation.

It is recommended that exhibitor publish company advertisements and product reports in industrial professional magazine (e.g. China Beverage, Beverage Industry) and CBST2017 Exhibition Catalogue, and distribute the magazines with company information to targeted clients to introduce products to be exhibited in CBST2017. Delivering tickets or VIP cards to client to express the sincere invitation.

2.    Exhibition booth design should be attractive

Many visitors and buyers will decide which booth to visit at the moment that they are already in the Exhibition. Thus, booth with reasonable layout and creative design can also effective catch their eyes.

It is suggested that exhibitors highlight their own booth by adopting creative design, thus showing the specific character and differences with others. Booth decoration should use eye-catching colors as much as possible and avoid neutral color that may be integrated into the background.

For exhibition booth with large scale, it is suggested to attract visitors and buyers by its booth area and conspicuous company logo. For smaller ones, lights are available to increase exhibits recognition by making the booth more “dazzling”.

3.    Promotion materials should be delivered accurately

It is understood that 50% of the visitors are collecting promotion materials without any targeting, and 25% of promotion materials distributed will be discarded within 30 mins. A better method is to publish two different formats of promotion material: one is with simple and brief information, which can be distributed to every visitor; the other one is a set of material that is well designed with professional information and will be delivered to professional visitors only.

Using more practical, large and solid bag can bring convenience of collecting materials to visitors and buyers. Moreover, it is a mobile promotion for company, brand and business operation. For example, the production of good-looking and durable bags will attract visitors to obtain one, so the company logo printed on the bag will be shown everywhere in the exhibition hall. After the Exhibition, some people will keep using these bag, which is a promotion for the company.


With the coming of CBST2017, we believe that exhibitors have been prepared in full swing. The Organizing Committee of CBST2017 will also uphold service philosophy of professional, focused and efficient and provide convenient and professional services. We will help you make full use of the platform of CBST to play the strongest sound! 

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