Gathering Wisdom of the Industry for Slogan


CBST China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology is the largest and most internationalized, most professional and most authoritative brand exhibition in the field of beverage industry in China. It has been recognized by the industry as the most important biennial industry event. After 16 years with 8 exhibitions of rapid development, CBST is bringing the highest level of exhibition to the Chinese beverage industry with a record-breaking scale and the most cutting-edge and richest innovations. It is “a grand gathering of professional buyers and professional sellers in the beverage industry”!

The remaining temperature of CBST2017 has not yet been exhausted, and the passion of CBST2019 is about to start. Along with the process of transformation and upgrading of China beverage industry, China's huge consumer market has made China beverage industry a world-renowned and promising industry. The "CBST2019 9th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology ", organized by the China Beverage Industry Association, will be held in Shanghai in November 2019. At present, various preparations for CBST2019 have been fully carried out.

The slogan is the essence of CBST. From CBST2013 "3-day professional exhibition, 24-month membership service", to CBST2015 "The exhibition gathers elites to take you in the frontier of industry", to CBST2017 "Brand exhibition, industry chain innovation +", the previous CBST slogan embodies the core value of CBST.

To consolidate the wisdom of all sectors of society, condense the theme of “CBST2019 9th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology”, enhance the brand power and influence of the exhibition, and promote the interaction between the beverage industry and upstream and downstream industrial chains, CBST Organizing Committee specially held the “CBST2019 9th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology” Slogan Collection Activity.

This activity will continue the rules of the previous slogan collection activities, divided into: CBST Organizing Committee recommended slogan selection and CBST2019 slogan collection. From now onwards, by submitting a receipt by mail, sending an e-mail, logging in to the CBST official WeChat account to participate in the activity, you will have the chance to receive a surprise gift prepared by the CBST2019 Organizing Committee.

We sincerely hope that people from whole industry chain of the beverage industry will give full play to their creativity and actively participate in this event. CBST Organizing Committee will gather the strength of all sectors of society to consolidate the slogans highlighting the characteristics of the CBST2019 exhibition and the influence of the CBST exhibition brand exhibition. The wonderfulness of CBST2019 will start from the slogan collection activity. Let's fight together for CBST2019 and look forward to a better future for the China beverage industry!


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