China Beverage Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "CBIA"), approved by the former Ministry of Light Industry, and officially registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, was established in 1993. CBIA consists the following subsidiaries: Bottled Water Commission, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Commission, Carbonated Drinks Commission, Marketing Commission, Coffee and Tea Beverage Commission and Beverage Technology Work Commission.

CBIA is a transregional, transsectoral national professional organization and represents the common interest of all members regardless of ownership, who come voluntarily from beverage enterprises and institutions throughout the country. The current membership is more than 500, with their production amounted to 80% of the nation's total.

CBIA serves eleven categories beverage including carbonated drink, fruit and vegetable juice, protein drink, bottled water, tea drink, coffee drink, plant drink, flavor drink, special functional drink, solid drink and other drinks.

CBIA serves as the link and bridge between the government and enterprises. Its aim is to promote the development of Chinese beverage industry and provide service to the industry. CBIA has the following main duties:

1. To propaganda and implement the national guiding principles and policies according to the general task of Chinese economic construction and the actual situation of the industry.

2. To investigate and know well the overall development of the industry; to study and predict the domestic and international beverage markets; to explore the development trend and pattern of the beverage industry.

3. To provide developing programs, and economic and technical policies, including selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior, and suggestions for national economic rules and regulations relating to the industry.

4. To enhance the technical progress of the industry and widen the adoption of new technology, new process, new material, new equipment, new package as to develop new products.

5. To recommend drafts and revised drafts of national standards; to assist related government departments to carry out quality inspection, evaluation and management..

6. Entrusted by the government and relevant departments, to organize and coordinate the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy work. To assist related government departments to make better use of foreign investment and administer foreign-brand carbonated drinks.

7. To organize study tour and personnel training abroad, encourage international exchange and take part in international conferences, domestic and international exhibitions.

8. To provide consulting service on economic, technical and marketing respects; to organize symposiums, on industry development, personnel training and appraisal; to collect economic and technical data of the whole industry and publish the journals of "Beverage Industry", and "China Beverage ".

9. To coordinate the production, technical issues and marketing, among enterprises, in order to further development of enterprises in the Industry.
10. Do other work under the rules of CBIA.

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